Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

16" x 20" craypas drawing, risperdal period
“Thanksgiving Dinner”

This is Thanksgiving dinner with a very odd family. The idea for the drawing started with the oriental rugs. I love oriental rugs. I like the real ones that are hand made in foreign countries. I was on disability when I drew this picture, so at the time I had no money to buy an oriental rug. But since I hungered for one, I drew one, to satisfy my appetite. To get inspiration for the designs I hunted through home decor and antique magazines and tore out pictures of oriental rugs. I could then use elements of their patterns in my patterns.

The man in the blue suit is calmly ready to start serving himself dinner. He sits, like all the guests, in a wooden chair that is hand carved with vines, a face, and ball and claw feet. Before him is a red table with the feast upon it; a turkey, salad, greens, a pie, and wine goblets.

Next to this man sits the twins dressed in purple. They are having a fight. One twin forces wine down the other’s throat. The other twin defends himself by holding a knife to his brother’s groin.

The lady at the twin’s side is acting inappropriately. She is masturbating at the dinner table. She unbuttons her shirt and feels her breast. Her other hand is creeping up under her skirt.

The last lady to enter the room is in the process of tripping over a cat. She was holding in her hand a bowl of mashed potatoes which is now flying through the air. There are two more animals in the drawing, a dog and cat in the lower corners that are looking at one another and growling and hissing.

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