Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Annunciation

oil on canvas panel, 16" x 20", recently done while on Geodone

I feel sorry for the virgin Mary. She did not ask to be pregnant. She was told by an angel what her fate would be. Did she feel special? Probably at first she felt shocked and dismayed. God up in the sky, surrounded by angels, blows some magical breath and makes a holy gesture. Down on the earth poor Mary feels something stir just below her stomach. Poof! This baby is supposed to feel like a blessing, but maybe, sometimes, a blessing feels like a curse. Mary has fallen to the ground and her stomach is huge. She seems ungainly, not graceful. And she is in the very undignified state of being without clothing.

I have never seen a tiger in a tree but I think that that would be a good place for a tiger to be. An elegant tree is the perfect perch for a handsome tiger to repose.

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