Monday, September 29, 2008

The Proud Lion

craypas, done while on Risperdal

The happy, smiling lion is striped and has a blushing butt. The lion has a rope chain around his neck that runs through a loop on the carriage. The carriage is a fancy cage. There are bowed iron bars and a roof of grapes, purple fruit hanging amongst green grape leaves. In the carriage is a half naked, two headed woman. The hair on one head is blond, the other red. She lies on pink fabric. The earth under the carriage and the lion’s feet looks like cotton, quilting material. The colors are bundled into small patches which repeat. It is a very provincial and homey pattern. In the air, flying near silver clouds, are pigs with wings. The old saying that pigs with wings do not exist is not true in this picture. It implies that when pigs can fly, other magical things happen. Inside the sun is a crouching man.

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