Saturday, September 27, 2008


craypas, 16" x 20", Risperdal

Here I drew something first. The hull of the ship. The red and green geometric pattern excites the eye. To this day I believe that it is the hull of the ship that you see first when you look at the picture. In “Pirates” I had to invent water. Water is hard to imagine but what makes it a little easier is to think of a pattern that depicts waves at sea. Waves are a very orderly motion. Of course if you have a sea you need to put in it fish and mermaids. The one mermaid here has been captured by a pirate who plans on ravishing her. There is some killing occurring, most of it being done by bows and arrows. One sailor’s body is being born aloft and then torn apart by a fish, a parrot and an angel. Another angel is pulling on a rope which winds around a sailor. The third angel has just shot and wounded a parrot. The angels have sexes, both men and women. The captain of the ship is looking through a large spy glass. The lens of the spy glass inverts light, making the image of another ship at sea appear upside-down.

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